Add Monthly Recurring Revenue to Klipfolio

Klipfolio is a business intelligence dashboard that pulls metrics from across your organization so you can monitor your business in one place. Many SaaS or subscription businesses like to see their monthly recurring revenue on Klipfolio.

MRR API connects to payment processors and calculates your monthly recurring revenue. Then, that data is made accessible to any other software via a REST API, including Klipfolio. Plans start at $24/year.

We will start this tutorial assuming that you already have a MRR API account and have connected your payment processor. The data you need will now be available via the API.

This tutorial will take you through all the steps you need to create a Klip that looks like this:

Current MRR Klip on Klipfolio

Getting Started

First, add a new data source on Klipfolio. You’ll need to select the REST / URL connector:

For the Query URL, enter the URL from the Docs, “”. This will get your current monthly recurring revenue. Set the Data Format to JSON, and leave the Method as GET.

You’ll also need to set your API Key in the Query Parameters. If you don’t have an API Key yet, you can create one in your MRR API Settings. In the parameters section, enter “api_token” as the name, and the API Key from your settings as the value. Set the type to Query. This is what it will all look like in the end:

Next, click Get Resource. After it loads, you’ll see that it has some data from MRR API about your current monthly recurring revenue. That’s what we want, so go ahead and click Done.

Building the Klip

Now it’s time to build the Klip! You should see a button at the top right that says Build a Klip with this Data Source. Click that to go into the Klip Editor.

On the right side, under Components, find the Value Pair component and drag it onto the palette. Then, ensuring that your on the Primary Value on the top left, click the current_mrr field in the data source box.

All that’s left to do is name the Klip whatever you like. Click the Klip section on the top left to name the Klip. If you prefer not to have a secondary title, go to the Data panel under Secondary Value and delete everything from the formula box. Some other tweaks to make it look nicer is to set the number of decimal places under Primary Value properties, and to add a “$” symbol as a prefix.

And there you have it! Your current monthly recurring revenue on Klipfolio.